What the hell is wrong with Apple? asks Mark Morford of the SF Gate Chronicle. Hear, hear.

My friend Violet was so excited by her new PowerBook’s box, she had to hide it from herself and wait for company to arrive before she even opened it. As for iPods – the experience of unpacking one should be on the national curriculum.

They don’t call us ‘Apple Evangelists’ for nothing.

2 thoughts on “Packaging”

  1. iSight box… lovely… the way it slips apart.. the nice way the equipment nestles in it’s container.. the concern you’ve secretly harboured but gets answered by the accessories you discover.. yum.. now another way of looking at the age old Apple v. rest price differential is the fact that you’ve got a theatrical presentation the occassion you open the box. (oh and the iSight itself is quite good but not very low light sensitive..).

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