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Oh, how I love this: a spoof of geek video blogger Robert Scoble, in the manner of Fake Steve. Scoble’s overlong, unedited, wobblycam videos have been ripe for parody since before he left Microsoft – it’s not that they’re entirely bad, it’s more that Scoble appears to willfully, even gleefully, ignore a century of cinematography knowledge. He’d post a whole lot less if he edited out the dull bits, and as Kevin Marks said, “editing shows respect for your audience.” It’s plain rude not to.

So, anyway, the Scoobie blog runs thus:

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among the A-list blogs. Very few of them linked to my exclusive four-hour video tour of Intel’s new chip plant, preferring instead to briefly mention that Intel has invented a new type of chip.

Admittedly my video wasn’t very interesting at first, but if you look closely at the 2:13 mark, you can see a man in one of those bunny suits (think Intel ads rather than Donnie Darko!!!) walk past the window carrying some kind of high-tech tool. It’s not that clear because I dripped sweat on the lens again, but it’s there.

Further down the page:

This is just the highlights – the full video is 49:43 long and I’ll put it up shortly. You can’t really make out what anyone’s saying but I’m very excited!!!

Quite. And again, a story ripped almost verbatim from Gruber.

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