Apple delivery times

This is interesting[1]: tomorrow (er… today – Tuesday) Apple have a press do for ‘Macintosh-related announcements.’ Right now, both the US and UK online stores are quoting delivery times as follows:

  • Mac mini: 24 hours
  • iMac: 24 hours
  • Mac Pro: 24 hours
  • MacBook: 24 hours
  • MacBook Pro: 7-10 working days (15″)
  • MacBook Pro: 24 hours

Now, normally one can guess which models are likely to be replaced through the lead times. Anything around a week or so, and it’s a newbie nestling in the box when you finally receive it.

In this case, however, the MacBook Pro has been tweaked only a couple of months ago. The case didn’t change, but everything else did, and while this wouldn’t be the first time Cupertino has given a model such a short shelf-life there’s not much new one can see being done. Slimmer case? HD disc burner? 4-core CPUs? Really? [2]

Every other Mac, however, has been on the market long enough to be refreshed tomorrow.

Upshot: we know jack all.

[1] If you like this kind of thing.

[2] You’d be right to assume I’m hoping this is prophetically bad.

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