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New from the MySociety genii:, capsule the curiously-capitalised PlaceOpedia. Think Google Maps ? Wikipedia. Brilliant. Except that, as I write, all the links read


  1. Hey, if you were looking for refined you were on the wrong page in the catalogue. Try under ‘A’ next time.
    In my world Potato Splat is a perfectly good description for a meal.

  2. One of the many things I love about you is your way with words. One of the many things that frustrate me about me is my inability to take a compliment.
    A whole blogpost beautifully written, just for me. I believe the appropriate response should be:
    Thank you.

  3. You two are very sweet.
    I adore Illy. Unfortunately it’s very expensive – on the order of 7 quid a tin.
    So we buy stuff I’ve never seen in the UK, an Italian brand, that maybe doesn’t have quite the smoothness of Illy, but makes quintessential coffee in a stove-top espresso maker (which I recommend you get, if you don’t already. One of the stainless steel ones, not aluminium.)

  4. I have a couple of the stove-top Moka things, but they’re not really compatible with the design of my current hob, annoyingly. Also, while they’re good, I’ve never quite been sold on the coffee they make – it’s somewhere between cafetiére and espresso, I feel.
    The Presso thing is much more like ‘proper’ espresso – smooth and … oh, the books probably say ‘hints of caramel’ or somesuch. I gather the pressure it generates isn’t high enough for it to be completely pukka as espresso, but it’s getting close.
    I’ll be interested to play some more with it, and see what it produces when fed with sub-Illy coffee.
    And yes, we’re quite sickeningly sweet. Sorry.

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