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  1. I just got a 23″ Apple display, and had a Colour Management guy come round to balance it, and I can’t say I’m disappointed.
    Except, it takes loads of plugs at the back of the G5, including the auxiliary monitor socket, leaving only the Apple socket, thus restricting additional, non-Apple monitors, I guess. Plus it has it’s own power and transformer, which I wasn’t thrilled about – already enough of that stuff under the desk.
    Overall no bigger than the old 20″ monitor which is good, and it’s as bright as a very bright thing.

  2. That’s odd. Your G5 has an old-style Apple Display Connector port? I haven’t seen one of those for years, except on my ancient G4. It’s a shame it never really caught on – having power and USB via the same cable made so much more sense than plain DVI, but heigh-ho.
    You can get ADC->DVI, DVI-ADC and DVI-VGA adaptors, so you may be able to diddle things and run dual displays. Which really is the holy grail for video editing.
    Meanwhile, the 23″ Cinema Display is a real gem. It’s even well-priced, when compared against similar panels (rather than inferior TN displays). I’m just holding out in the hope of an LED-lit replacement. Oh, and trying to work out how to fund a Pantone Huey Pro at the same time.

  3. er… well I have my 20″ display plugged into the old port, so I’m really rather well provided for. and Final Cut works a dream across both, heh heh

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