2 Comments on "Not that I’m going to spend the whole day blogging, or anything"

  1. I presume that this is because it’s a catenary but it’s nice to know.
    Whilst on the subject of XKCD was this the strip that once featured Dr Gore to the rescue? Or am I confused?
    I’m sorely tempted by the “Stand back I’m going to try science” shirt. Maybe for my birthday.
    Love to Flossie


  2. I’ve tried to submit this once already so, in the best traditions of technophobes, it will probably appear twice!
    w.r.t. the Eiffel Tower, my guess is that it’s a catenary curve, which is the sort of thing Eiffel would have gone for I guess. But I’m not sure that was the main point of the post!
    My other question point related to XKCD, was this the comic strip which once featured Dr Gore to the rescue? I’d like to be able to point Llewe at it to prove that I was, once, a comic book hero.


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