Weather and Tree

Weather and Tree

Driving East along the route of Hadrian’s Wall, chased by rain, Flossie spotted this tree. Framing the shot required some delicate clutch control on her part.

It was cold and wet: I was hardly going to get out of the car, was I?


  1. Gorgeous shot. Exactly the sort of thing I’d have hanging on my wall but I think I’d prefer it to be a pylon. Not that I don’t love trees, I am keen on them too 🙂
    Our office intranet chatter is blaming the aircon breaking on the LHC…

  2. I’ll keep an eye open for pylons for you. In the meantime, the full-resolution version of this can be downloaded from Flickr – just click the photo.

  3. Makes a nice desktop.
    A change from APOD.

  4. After a couple of months of this: I’m back to Weather and Tree as my desktop. It makes me happy.

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