Colours so faked you’ll swear you were there anyway?

Wait a second. What’s the message of this film, again? That Samsung TVs, right at the critical moment, make everything look unbelievably faked? Am I getting this right?

See, Sony understood the concept here; they really did bounce a huge number of balls down a street in San Francisco, and fire gallons of paint off a tower block in Glasgow. Sure, there was lots of processing on the final films, but the concept was actually carried out, and the films had verisimilitude because they looked real. They were, simply, awesome.

This, conversely, is a great idea made to look like crap. Which is not, I suspect, the take-home message Samsung wanted from this viral.

1 thought on “Colours so faked you’ll swear you were there anyway?”

  1. It’s a very good advert for sheepdogs and their handlers, they’re great! It wouldn’t make me buy a telly.

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