Creme Egg Heath-Robinson machine

This is:

  1. Lovely.
  2. Brilliantly-executed. It’s well-crafted to be filmed, which most of these things aren’t – they’re terrific ideas, but unfilmable. Hence, I suspect this is also:
  3. Inspired, or at least informed, by the Japanese show Pythagoras Switch, which has raised this sort of thing to an art form.
  4. Presumably a funded commercial/viral for Creme Eggs. I’m happy with that. However, it’s also:
  5. Utterly undermined by having a cut just before the last moment.

Gaaaaah! Nothing screams ‘Fake!’ like a cut to close-up just before the pay-off. When everything else is in (or at least looks like it’s in) one shot, it’s plain nuts.

Worth watching, but you have been warned.


  1. Yup, that annoyed me too, but credit for an otherwise neatly made contraption.

  2. Yup, that annoyed me too. Credit for a lovely contraption, ‘though.

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