Creme Egg Heath-Robinson machine

This is:

  1. Lovely.
  2. Brilliantly-executed. It’s well-crafted to be filmed, which most of these things aren’t – they’re terrific ideas, but unfilmable. Hence, I suspect this is also:
  3. Inspired, or at least informed, by the Japanese show Pythagoras Switch, which has raised this sort of thing to an art form.
  4. Presumably a funded commercial/viral for Creme Eggs. I’m happy with that. However, it’s also:
  5. Utterly undermined by having a cut just before the last moment.

Gaaaaah! Nothing screams ‘Fake!’ like a cut to close-up just before the pay-off. When everything else is in (or at least looks like it’s in) one shot, it’s plain nuts.

Worth watching, but you have been warned.

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