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January 18, 2007


Where was the Origami buzz at CES last week? Remember, Microsoft unveiled a new ultra-mobile tablet PC concept last year, amidst huge marketing hoohah that actually had people a bit excited for a while (unlike... er... Zzzzune). But then we saw the brick-like devices with minimal battery life and XP Tablet Edition, and we uttered a collective 'meh!'

And yet, mere months later, the whole thing appears to have been forgotten. Which is odd, because another miniature tablet device running a modified version of a desktop OS also wasn't at CES last week, and that appears to have attracted a tad more attention.

I'm just sayin'.

(Oh, apparently there was some ultra-mobile PC stuff at CES -- including a glimpse of a Vista-based Origami-continuation tablet interface, which actually looks rather pretty.)


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