I’ve been trying to configure an image gallery script on mein host, but without much luck. Gallery looks great, but the setup does some things the server doesn’t allow for security reasons, and trying to work around it has been a bit of a non-starter so far.

Oh well, back to Hotscripts to snag the next one down the list…

Then again, I’m now seeing a similar problem in some parts of this weblog system. Beginning to looks more like a permissions mistake on my part. Hmm…

First post!

First post, testing my new Moveable Type weblog. Oh, the thrill!

Update Jan 2015: this wasn’t actually the first post here, just the first post under Movable Type. I’m leaving it intact, typo in the name of the product and all. Here’s what the site looked like a month or two later:

The Daily Grind June 2002

Click the image for the crawl.