Fixing up someone else’s DTP is one thing… pulling an all-nighter doing it is quite another. Still, 27 programme proposal documents done (plus title pages), and the folder is in the post looking a damn sight better than its equivalent of last year. But still – I’m freelance – shouldn’t I be able to invoice for this shit? [sigh]


While I’m usually awake, I’m not often sufficiently conscious to take in Saturday’s Today Programme. A pity, since the whole concept of ‘news in front of a live studio audience’ is delightfully barking. Particularly since they always seem to end up crammed into a village hall, in one of those forgotten little hamlets the Ordnance Survey insists is actually three miles further down the road. World news, followed by the perspective from Lesser Wendligham. Genius.


Today, I finished a bar of soap. This is, I believe, the first time I’ve achieved complete dispersion, rather than have my nerve fail, resulting in abandonment of the grotty final sliver.

Inconsequential, you might think, but I firmly believe such trivia is what weblogging was invented for. Soon we shall drown in a sea of wasted bandwidth, as if in some demented James Bond plot.

Rock Men!

Ah, Flash Gordon – the original 1936 series. On DVD. Tops. If, like me, you’re struggling to cope with just how dreadful it is, take heart. The Rock Men in episode 8 are truly wonderful, with their ‘ancient language.’ A language that, remarkably, Doctor Zarkov can instantly speak… and a language that also sounds, inexplicably, like an audio track being run backwards. Wonderful.