Space, the frontier too far

Bob Park’s latest What’s New column at the American Physical Society continues his ongoing rant against manned spaceflight in general, and the International Space Station in particular. Why? Because it’s sold as a research lab, but it’s not doing any research. Oh, and putting it in a position where it could conceivably do some research would cost a fortune (in science research terms).

Read the Bob. He talks sense.

Shake it all up

Here we go again – time for another shake-up of GCSE science teaching.

While I’m sure GCSE science is deeply dull, and I’m hardly in the camp that chants ‘they have to learn to walk before they can run,’ something about this does worry me. For example, how can one discuss the MMR nightmare in an informed way, without having done any formal statistics? This is, of course, the basic problem with the MMR situation – what’s perfectly reasonable for individuals is a bit of a disaster for the population as a whole.

Besides, haven’t we heard all this before? Wasn’t the whole GCSE thing, back in 1988, supposed to be about relevance and practicality? These may be good intentions, but are they actually new?

Documentation Hell

I’m such a twit. I’ve gone and installed this blog system with blatant disregard for actually reading the docs. And now I can’t work out how to make it do half the things I want.
Whereas, if I’d just slung up a(nother) Geeklog system, we’d be ticking right along, if not looking quite so crisp and clean. [sigh]. Content management systems are well and good, but sometimes, I want a decent content metamanagement system.


From one of the mailing lists I frequent, yesterday:

Has anyone come across a supplier of snake models or reasonably realistic toy versions? I’m after a sidewinder snake that can be handled for a feely box exhibit.

Followed, barely an hour later, by:

Try Daisy and Toms Deansgate Manchester; I purchased some funky models there recently.

What’s scary is that last Monday we had a similar exchange about insects in resin. Any offers for next week?

My War Gone By

My War Gon By coverActually, I’m just checking to see what happens when I upload a graphic, since I’ve not done that yet with MT. But still, if you haven’t read the book, I heartily recommend it. One’s man’s account of a very personal war, against (seemingly) everybody in the Balkans and his own drug addiction. It sounds ghastly, but manages to be strangely compelling, even inspiring.

Here’s the Amazon UK link.