Yes, I’m still here. Constrained time and bandwidth have conspired to keep me from posting for a while. This is unlikely to change in the near future, but there’ll be occasional flurries when the mood takes me.

One friend admits to wearing uncharacteristically short skirts and hanging around in bars trying to make eye contact; another has just started – and I’m honestly not making this up – pole-dancing lessons.

Did the hunting season open early this year? Why wasn’t I informed?

Jonathan Sanderson – Municipal Waste Disposal Site Tour 2003:

  • Nov 8th – Polmadie Civic Amenity Site, Glasgow
  • Nov 9th – Meanwood Road Waste Sorting Centre, Leeds

Just to fool me, my espresso thingy today emitted coffee through only the left nozzle. Oh, those whacky Italians. How we Laughed. And then How we Mopped Up.