MacBooks for sale

A heads-up, to see if there’s any interest: I may be about to buy 3 (4?) MacBooks, use them for a month, and then sell them. I’m planning to buy the white model with a DVD±R SuperDrive (2GHz, normal retail £899). I’d be looking to sell them for something like £825/each, I guess. If I can avoid the terrors of eBay, I will.

Any readers interested in buying an only-very-slightly-used MacBook in early August? You’re not going to save a packet, but it’s better than a poke in the eye, and it’ll go a fair way towards that extra RAM you really, really need for these things.

(Then again, I might find another way of doing this that doesn’t wallop my funders with cashflowing a few thousand pounds-worth of hardware. But purchase & resale probably isn’t that loony overall, especially if I have a few believable expressions of interest.)

6 thoughts on “MacBooks for sale”

  1. Tempting offer, but I’ve really got my heart set on a Merom based 17″ MacBook Pro (ideally with a 1920×1200 display – c’mon Apple, at least make it a build to order option) whenever they’re released.

  2. Um. Probably. Depending on applecare, hard drive size, maxed out ram and… um… oh, that’s right, me getting a job in the next six weeks. But, keep me posted, cause I’m after replacing Max. The 13inch one, right? With bells/whistles.

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