Why is science important?

It’s high time I introduced the regular reader to another project of mine, namely this blog: Why is science important?

Well, I say ‘mine.’ Really I mean ‘Alom’s‘, since the project is his. I just threw together the blog. Alom’s a TV producer and physics teacher (odd combination, roll with it), making a film trying to explain to his students why science is… er… important. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, so there must be something in it.

The list of contributors so far is quite impressive, with more to come.

Join in.

1 thought on “Why is science important?”

  1. Science certainly is a complicated subject, at times, a field with a lot of ego at stake. That’s easy to understand. There have even been bouts of “outsiderness” inside the scientific community (molecular biology vs. ecology, or mathematics vs. physics), and degrees of dogma rising above scientific acumen are too numerous (even once is too much as inside the “Clovis first” mandate). Skepticism has long served science well, but it might be time to get a new paradigm — a subtle, yet effective shift in mindset and thinking. Could “selfless restraint” fill that duty? It’s got all the appropriate elements without the excess baggage that all too often goes with skepticism. One glance at the “skeptics” forums and online resources, and you’ll be able to see the amount of illogics that occasionally find their way into scientific thinking.

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