Photography in public places

Want a nine-minute briefing in media law? Here you go.

This is a recording of a 16 year-old rather clearly stating his rights as a photographer working in a public place, to a police officer attempting to detain him for… actually, it’s not clear what. There’s a rather good article (and comments) about this specific incident on the British Journal of Photography website. See also the photographer’s own blog.

For those keeping track, there have been numerous recent incidents of photographers being detained, questioned, or searched while working in public places. So many, in fact, that the next issue of Amateur Photographer magazine will include a free gift: a lens cloth handily pre-printed with the advice issued to MPS officers by their own head of ‘Specialist Operations.’

Meanwhile, if you want a more complete briefing on what you can and can’t photograph, this presents a somewhat more comprehensive and nuanced interpretation of the law.

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