A funny thing happened on the way to the doctor

A couple of noteworthy happenings of late:

My mum registered with a local doctor, a simple process. In her case, it involved six stitches to her eyebrow and substantial bruising. She’s fine, in a ‘you should see the other guy’ kind of way, but one has to suspect she got something slightly wrong somewhere. Perhaps stepping on the slithery paving slab was a mistake, do you think?

Meanwhile, my chum Vinay, inexplicably still in the US, is writing a report on sustainable development for the Danish government. Given that he’s a web developer and general geekboy, this is mildly surprising. At least, until one remembers that he could turn his mind to pretty much anything that (a.) interests him and (b.) continues to do so for long enough. This used to describe a rather small union on the great Venn diagram of life. However, of late it’s been inflating in a manner that’s somewhat alarming. Not to mention spikey and blue.

Oh, and now I’ve just noticed that the BBC’s Talking Movies uses the David Holmes-sourced title theme I was dead keen on for proto-project Envelope. Dang.

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