Thinking of switching…

…to Linux. Why?

Because David Hyatt’s weblog has recently confirmed that (a.) they’ve got XML ‘limping along’ in Safari, and that (b.) the intention is to eventually wrap WebCore into a WebKit framework that implements another flavour of NSView. This is a problem because it makes the process of building webby XMLish Cocoa apps pretty much drag&drop in Interface Builder.

It’s a problem for me because for months I’ve been toying with the idea of building an integrated TV series production/scripting system, dubbed ‘ShowFlow,’ since Word is simply the wrong tool for the job. By my reckoning, I’ll run out of excuses for not at least lashing together a test mockup around about June.

One of the components I badly needed has recently been done, in the form of BitFlux, an open-source WYSIWYG XML editor. Hopefully it won’t work in Safari, otherwise I’m going to have to switch to Mandrake. With a bit of luck they’ll go under, leaving me an OS orphan on a platform I’m never going to get my head around programming. Cool.

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