Everything and nothing

It’s been a while, huh? I’ve mostly been busy recovering, but aside from that:

The Heartbeat Run last weekend was a hoot. Gallery here; on this page you can see part of my green Cooper in the sixth photo down (and I think that’s me following Andy/’Bad Manners’ in the last photo… or rather, hanging on for dear life, since his steed has a 210bhp+ Hartge conversion. Yowser).

Right now, I’m clearing up the flat, thinking about playing with this froody new piece of software, and trying to catch up with my tax affairs enough to work out if I need to buy a new PowerBook in a panic on Monday. No, really – it’s the last day for the 100% first-year tax allowance on such things.

To complete the life-returning-to-normal picture – I finally made it to the optician, and have some new specs on order (think ‘retro-chic’); my Mini is finally booked in to have the year-old bonnet scuff repaired; editing continues apace, though we’ve pushed online and dub back a couple of weeks because… well, because we could, basically. Oh, and I’ve applied for a terribly pukka BBC training scheme thing, and I’ve been poking around the web looking at flats for sale in Glasgow.

…all of which, while certainly necessary ‘catching up with life’ stuff, is deathly dull from a weblog perspective. Which is why I’ve not blogged anything much for a little while. So now you know. Aren’t you glad you asked?

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