…and then there was one.

My Director left today (for Tobago, jammy git), so the Big Bang production team is now… er… me. I did have an Executive Producer, but apparently he left the company a week or two ago, and nobody told me. Today was his leaving do too; one of my colleagues was mortified that I wasn’t invited, but I can’t say I was. It’s always been a strange department, and The Big Bang is entirely a stealth production.

In fact, this year it’s been so low-profile internally that nobody more senior than my production manager has seen anything. I do hope the Powers That Be like the series, because I’ve just spent a third of a million quid on it. I should probably be rather worried by this, but it genuinely is a terrific series, so there.

Now there are two weeks left, and pretty much just the sounds to put back in place. Then I’ll be shown the door, like all good freelancers. I’m very much looking forward to that, since I’m completely knackered. It’s been an easy week, but still, stringing this post together is… well, it’s not one of my finest, is it?

Meanwhile, check in on Jules’ Weblog to see how she’s getting on. Chin up, lass. Big hugs.

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