That can’t be right

So, the Inland Revenue have finally caught up with the stuff I sent them in November. At least, I think they have – they’re not very explicit about it in the statement I received today. Except that they seem to think they owe me five thousand pounds.

Er… that can’t be right.

No, it really can’t be right, since they seem to have forgotten about a whole slew of other stuff. Like, last year’s tax, which they still haven’t collected. So there’s no way I owe them five grand – but it’s beginning to look like I don’t owe them five grand either, which at one point they seemed to think I did.

A dangerous situation. Particularly when (a.) I think I’m about to buy a flat in Glasgow, (b.) the sums suggest I should trade my Mini in for a new one – no, really, and (c.) it’s been pointed out to me today that I’m supposed to be a gadget freak, and that most of the kit I own (camera, palmtop, etc) is more than five years old and therefore hardly convincing in the gizmo stakes.


Still, one step closer to getting it all sorted out.

1 thought on “That can’t be right”

  1. Dream Machine, a program running on CH5, is giving a GT40 replica away, very nice looking -
    I suggest you ring 09069 122602 five thousand times!! Calls cost �1, mobile networks may vary, ha!
    Or add an “S” to that “Coop.”

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