Two problems solved, and a new one

I have new glasses. Oh yes, I can see again, and it’s a slightly disturbing experience. My right eye in particular, having strained for a year to compensate for incorrect astigmatic correction, is clearly confused by now not having to do so. It’s going to take a few days to adjust. The new frames, however, are wonderful. Retro chic indeed.

Meanwhile, my Mini no longer has a little collection of scratching and scuffing where someone broke a bottle on its bonnet. In fact, you’d never know it ever had. It does, however, now feature the most amazing deep rattle at high revs, and a graunching sound at low revs, both of which are new. Hmm. Back to the garage with it, I fear.

Saturday is brought to you by onion bagels, marmite, cheesy scrambled egg, and the word ‘paralepsis‘. All at once.

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