Menu design

Oh, that’s just great. Today (apart from seeing a flat I will try to buy on Monday – eep!), I picked up a copy of 24 season 2 on DVD, since I missed pretty much all of it, and it is gloriously silly.

I’m halfway through the first disc, and apart from Kim Bauer, the thing that’s pissing me off most is the menu system. Just imagine: you have a series that plays out in something like real time, so clocks and clock dials are pretty significant metaphors. What, then, in the name of tarnation could possess a graphic designer to come up with a main menu system that goes anti-clockwise? Have they completely lost their senses? Did nobody stick their hand up and say ‘Umm… isn’t that confusingly backwards? Oh, and the bit where Kim gets caught in a bear trap, can we just cut that ‘cos, you know, it’s crap?’


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