Non-zero sum

‘Come to dinner,’ said Mike, leading up to the catch, ‘and you could bring my Mac up-to-date while you’re round.’ This is typically a better deal than it sounds, since a meal with Mike and Jo involves at the very least terrific company, and usually (as tonight) rather decent food too. Copious wine, etc, all that jazz. If you’re very lucky, Mike digs out his recording of the Treorchy Male Voice Choir singing Queen covers, which is a work of stellar genius.

Unfortunately, on this occasion Mike forgot to mention one teensy detail, which finally came out just as I finished installing 10.2.6: his iMac is, in fact, utterly buggered. It only boots about one time in twenty.

Three hours later, it was still goosed, part-way through the installation of some essential update or other. So… when I arrived, he had a kitchen full of food and a marginally-working Mac. When I left, he had an empty kitchen and a non-booting Mac.


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