Road run

Just back from my first decent (ie. non-commuting) run on the new bike. Yes, I know I’ve had it for weeks, but this really was the first chance I’ve had. Well, second maybe, but anyway… still nothing spectacular, just a bit of an explore up to Pollock Country Park, past the Burrell Collection, then looping back to the Clyde and along some of the cycle tracks there, on a glorious late afternoon. Only about 20 miles. Some observations:

  • There are more cycle routes and tracks in Glasgow than I’d assumed.
  • There’s also more glass than seems remotely reasonable. Oh, and a greater variation in track surfacing than I could have guessed. Who’s bright idea was it to use cobbles on a dedicated bike path, then?
  • The bike still seriously outclasses me. It wants to spin along at 22mph – I’m staggering at 18. It’s glorious, and I now know how it handles in fast descents up to 32mph. The steering stiffens gradually, rendering it increasingly stable at speed. It’s textbook stuff, and absolutely delightful in practice. I can’t wait to lug the thing up to Glencoe.
  • Over 100 miles on the clock now, and it needs that free first service. Everything’s a little loose/bedded in: it needs a sympathetic hand with a set of allen keys and some grease.
  • The ride isn’t as harsh as I’d feared, but I really do need to fit the bar ends. The direct steering and flat bars are perfect for commuting, but on longer runs I really do need the forward extensions to avoid doing nasty things to my wrists. Ow.
  • In the afternoon sun, the riverside is surprisingly pretty. Glasgow isn’t a beautiful town in any standard sense, but it’s by no means ugly. It’s the sort of place you can respect.

Now – time for a shower. Eu.

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