Hot-smoked dill salmon, miniature mixed game pie, Old Peculier and Blue Swaledale cheeses, sundried tomato-stuffed green olives, baked-today chunky bread, Earl Grey/Green Tea mustard, entertainingly rough South African Shiraz.

Fan-ruddy-tastic, I tell you. Bought at… wait for it… Tebay Service Station on the M6.

It’s the only privately-owned motorway services in the UK. It’s like all the other services, only with ducks, friendly staff who care, and one of the best delis around. Yes, the latter is a bit unexpected, but it turns out to be well worth the trip. It’s one of the few things I’ll miss about zipping up and down between Leeds and Glasgow.

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  1. Yeap, many a time on my trips up with the Ventures for a week of hillwalking, or transporting “stuff” between Yarrows and other non-specific locations, would we drop in. Didn’t realise it was privately owned, but that explains the excellent service, food, and ducks 😉

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