BT Openwoe

A litany of errors by BT that mirrors my own saga with Cable and Wireless (as was – AKA ‘Cabal and Clueless’), of three years ago. At one point I called them from a phone they insisted (a.) wasn’t theirs, (b.) wasn’t in my name, and (c.) wasn’t even connected… and then they billed me for the call anyway. There are still two set-top boxes in my flat they swear blind I can’t possibly have, since these particular serial numbers are supposedly installed in other peoples’ houses.

So, when I finally move into a new flat, are any telcos worth signing up with?

[Update: having commented on this entry, Alan’s NTL account has been deleted. You couldn’t make this up.]

2 thoughts on “BT Openwoe”

  1. Re: Article – WOW!! That’s amazing, what a superb level of incompetence!
    We gave up on BT after moving. The line at the new house is crackly – BT: “Can’t understand why, must be a fault with your equipment…” Funny how our phones work fine with NTheL 😉
    Only problem with NTheL is that they disconnected the upstairs TV when installing Broadband, something which they assure us they couldn’t have done. It’s just a coincidence that we now can’t watch telly upstairs!!!

  2. UPDATE!- Turns out the whole of Stevenage, or at least, all the people I know in Stevenage on NTheL were switched off. Everything came back late Friday evening. Just a coincidence….

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