Demon ‘Support’

I’ve been a Demon customer for eight years. I call them about once a year on a support issue, less of late since I’ve been using NTL or ADSL broadband. Demon do a couple of twiddly bits I appreciate, and their support has previously been relatively good. And unlike, say, Nildram, at least they haven’t dropped me in steaming piles of oozing goo, from a great height.

And then today, I called their helpdesk. I’m still on hold. Meanwhile, I’m trying to text-chat ‘live’ to their agents, which appears to be the preferred option. Since they’re saving the chat session ‘for quality-control purposes,’ I don’t see why I shouldn’t too. Here goes;

[2:35] Jonathan: [intro to the effect of: Four months ago I received many, many emails, returned as ‘undeliverable.’ Changing my email password stopped them, which is either a coincidence or evidence to support the view that my mail account was compromised. The situation is now recurring.]
[2:40] Jonathan: Is there anybody there?
[2:45] Jonathan: [Tumbleweed rolls through the helpdesk room]
[2:47] Jonathan: Hello? Anyone?
[2:50] Jonathan: Help help, the virus is mutating. Now it’s, like, *so* big! Arrghhh! It’s got my leg! It’s dragging me in! Help!
[2:52] Jonathan: Alternatively, help me with someone who appears to have compromised my mail account on your server. Thanks.
[2:56] Jonathan: I’m blogging this, by the way.
[2:58] Jonathan: [twiddles thumbs]
[3:00] Jonathan: Old Zen conundrum: If a tech support request goes unanswered, does it leave a job ticket?
[3:02] Jonathan: Oh, look! Another two bounced emails!
[3:05] Jonathan: Incidentally, why does the text chat window scroll the wrong way? It’s mightily confusing. Or at least, it would be if there was anybody else in the chat session!
[3:06] Jonathan: What are Pipex like these days?
[3:08] Jonathan: That’s more than half an hour. Forget it. I’ll just let your mail servers gum up and get you blocked by other ISPs, that’s fine. I don’t use them anyway.

Stuff this for a lark. I’m off to look at my new flat.

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