Sadly, the website of the Bryson Gore Appeciation Society doesn’t appear to be in Google’s mighty database. Indeed, only one sole remnent of the Cult of Gore appears to remain: here. Curious.

Nevertheless, it was a delight to catch up with him last night. Sometime, remind me to tell the story of the previous time I met Bryson: it bears repetition.

3 thoughts on “Gore”

  1. Hey, you know Bryson Gore! Fantastic! I’m Tom, I made the original unofficial Bryson Gore appreciation site, all those years ago. I decided to move hosts, and just kept the comic from that site, because I thought it had the most potential. I was just searching the web for pictures of Dr Gore (since I plan to bring him into the comic shortly as a character), and I found your page. Hopefully you’ll get this message, even though this blog entry is from september.

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