We moved offices on Friday, from the department being scattered all over the building to us all being together on the ground floor. Well, there’s a ‘core’ office, and a ‘production’ office – the latter having about thirty desks, of which currently one is occupied. The one I’m at. The rest of the room is a total bomb-site, filing cabinets and chairs piled on top of each other, stack-boxes of papers as high as the Berlin Wall, that sort of thing. There’s a chap in here drilling, and another painting, and somebody plumbing in PCs. Desks and drawers are strewn wildly.

It’s like working in the CTU, around about hour seven of 24 season 2.

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  1. Nahh, you want to try the air-con techs fixing the office pipework, only for it to spring a leak and fill 3 floors with mushy ceiling tiles, PC’s and desks over the weekend….

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