It’s surprisingly hard to find a photogenic orange. Seriously, next time you’re at the market, cast a critical eye over the citrus fruit; which would you pick to represent That Which Is Orangeness? Oranges are round and… uh… orange, right? Hardly, they’re mostly a bit squiffy around the edges, and more-or-less yellowish. Big ones tend to be a little mottled, have surface blemishes, and the crown (or whatever the end is call) has often split, which isn’t very attractive.

In my own admittedly limited sample, I found large satsumas to look much more like oranges than the oranges did. Smaller satsumas aren’t really up to scratch, though, and they’re usually somewhat oblate to boot.

As for why I seek orangelike oranges – it’s Proposals time. Which means we’re pitching for business. And… well, if you were writing a pitch for a quarter-million quids’-worth of business, you’d want a decent orange too, right?

Or maybe my life is a little weird. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

4 thoughts on “Oranges”

  1. You need that character from one of the Raymond Feist books who used to produce them from his sack at inappropriate moments.
    Or try a clockwork model?

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