Evil sod that I am, I thoroughly enjoy putting wannabe-presenters through the mill in auditions. Happily, today’s likely lot were pretty good; certainly, nobody shamed themselves. A couple we’ll be frank with, but one or two were genuinely excellent.

It was an interesting exercise – we’re feeling our way to a new art show that’s both radical and (like most of my ideas at the moment) downright bleedin’ obvious, and the day was terrifically useful in convincing us that we might just be on to something. It’s certainly a reminder that the arrogance of television is all-pervasive, and waiting for people to come to us is plain silly. We have to get out there and find the next generation of talent. The BBC expend huge effort in doing just that: we, on the other hand, sit around agonising over how much better-staffed they are. Pfah!

Meanwhile: James Bachman’s first play with GarageBand is running merrily in iTunes at the moment. James – you should send that to David Holmes for the Ocean’s 12 soundtrack.

It’s a measure of Chairman Jobs’ Reality Distortion Field that, despite my having no musical talent whatsoever, I desperately want to get my hands on this software.

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  1. It’s taken me this long to find this (I was vainly [in the sense of ‘vain’] searching for myself on the internet and came across it this evening) but I’m glad you liked the track. Perhaps I’ll put some more up if I’m brave enough. It was a real wrench for me to expose things I’d composed so great to have kind words in response. Cheers.

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