Grand Opening

Tonight was the opening of Glasgow’s newest cinema, the Tantallodeon. In other words, I had some friends round to watch a film, but we had trailers and adverts and supporting features and everything – iDVD is a seriously nifty piece of software.

The feature presentation was provided by Colin, who brought along Roman Polanski’s 1974 masterpiece Chinatown. I’m surprised I’ve never seen it, but there we go.

A fine film; fine company; fine… well, fairly decent wine; extreme cheese on toast (with very fine truffle sauce). Oh, it’s a hard life. Meanwhile, I’ll be blogging more regularly again once How2 is finished, in a couple of weeks’ time.

1 thought on “Grand Opening”

  1. Cheese on toast? You want some of Al’s Famous Chill Tomato Chuntney 😉 (Bet you can’t guess what I’ve been doin’ over Xmas!)

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