Another sign the Web has come of age

I’ve been keeping this blog for a couple of years now (yes, that long); I’ve had a website since about 1996; I’ve been online properly since 1995; I first had an email address in 1990.

This is, it transpires, not only long enough to make acquaintances; not only long enough to lose touch with them; it’s also long enough to fall back in touch with them.

Several of the newsgroup crowd appear to read these meanderings (good evening, chaps – [salutes]); not only that, but one recent comment was from a guy who’s software I used to rave about back in the Newton days. He apparently stumbled here by accident, then recognised me as a sometime customer.

It’s curious – I’m used to bumping into old friends in the street and renewing old acquaintances, but online, it’s still unexpected. We’re the last generation who’ll be able to say that.

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