Feedback to O2

My comments today to customer services at O2.

  1. Trying to register: click ‘register,’ enter mobile number, click ‘continue.’ SMS arrives telling me to visit and to ‘enter the verification code when requested.’ Where am I supposed to do this?

  2. Why is this text entry box in the feedback form so tiny? I can see about eight words.

  3. The page design does not make it clear if I’m in ‘Personal’ or ‘Business.’ One tab is highlighted – but is it the bright one or the dark one? (Answer: The bright one is the same colour as the menu bar. But it’s the dark one that counts).

  4. I’m trying to find GPRS data tarifs. I’ve no idea where they are, nor how I might change the one I’m on. There is no ‘search’ feature.

  5. I didn’t have any of these problems two months ago. The site looks the same now, only it doesn’t work.

4 thoughts on “Feedback to O2”

  1. Regarding point 5 – if the site is the same, then it’s obviously the user who is broken. Please reboot yourself and try again.
    See kids, customer service can be fun!

  2. BTW comment about this site, as it ysed to work for me 😉
    Looks like IE6.whatever doesn’t seem to like the em tags 🙁

  3. i have been an 02 customer for approx 10 days. i have found that there is no such thing as customer service they,re either all out or fast asleep in dream land. non of my friends have ever spoke to anyone from customer services.does it really exist? or is 02 part of the twilight zone. apart from that how can you charge 20p a minute for 02 customers to sort out your problems.

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