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[written last weekend, but strangely neglected in the intervening week, then spotted again today and updated with a couple of other linkbloggy spots]

Back in Glasgow, catching up with online stuff while I actually have some bandwidth. Time for some linkblog action:

SensitiveLight – beautiful pictures for your desktop, and a fine photoblog to boot.

Sometimes it’s useful to catch a glimpse of how others regard us, however disagreeable the view: Phil Greenspun on the Spanish elections and European attitudes to the ‘War on Terror.’ It’s a pity Greenspun reinforces preconceptions of American attitudes, but one does begin to appreciate how they got there. And I imply all meanings of that phrase.

Wikipedia keeps getting better and better. Added to my reading list: what looks (at first glance) like a decent explanation of what ‘NP-complete’ means. Something I’ve wanted to understand for a while.

I believe I am the primary UK market for blank white index cards, and yet I’ve still to play this game. Hopefully I shall soon.

I doubt I’ll ever truly understand why I find myself reading things like this critique of Technorati’s redesign. Then again, I know to what the ‘stealing sheep’ comment refers. Incidentally, my boss at work is handing around Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots and Leaves; I’ve declined the offer, having no desire to read it again. It’s so badly set, for heaven’s sake!

Finally! Whoever’s directing the BBC’s coverage of the Boat Race has found the right part to play back. Yeach, that’s nasty. Heck, I’d be aggrieved if I was the Oxford cox, but it’s not yet clear if the incident wasn’t his fault anyway. There won’t be much comfort in the umpire’s comments, either. “It’s a pity,” he understates nicely.

Balls. I missed Jem’s Zero to Hero on C4. Merde. (last week’s was the first ep)

Continuing the national image/self-image thing: Bush jokes about WMD. This man isn’t just standing for President, he is the President. Sheesh.

See, if anatomy had been taught more like this, maybe I wouldn’t have found it so dull. [Warning: the first image is tremendously Icky, until you work out that it’s sponge cakes. Then it’s merely icky.]

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