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  1. I’d have to agree about the art direction for certain. The kids… *sigh* well, I suppose it’s kindof almost fitting.
    So, did anyone reading this ever get to see the Thunderbirds stage show? You remember, the one with actors who mastered the art of walking like marionettes, complete with bounce and limp wrists?
    Second half of the trailer is either Zimmer or one of his cohorts (Glennie-Smith or Badelt). It’s unusual for a film to use it’s own music in the trailer. But I’ll be darned if I can place it… unless… hmm… Pirates of the Caribbean?

  2. Not only did I get to see it (Thunderbirds F.A.B ’twere called), but the tickets were free too. Most excellent fun. My favourite moment came in an interlude with Captain Scarlet, who was forced to lay down his gun when the villian took a hostage. With Captain Scarlet at his mercy, he began, shooting away his strings, one by one. With the last string cut, Scarlet collapsed and the victorious villian begain to gloat over his fallen enemy… until the music cut in playing “Captain Scarlet, indestructible” and up popped Captain Scarlet again. Cue the audience going wild. A jolly good time was had by all

  3. I understand that you are tired of all the movie hype. Marketing does go overboard with trying to get the public’s attention. While not totally immersed in the genre I watched the originals in my youth. I find the ability to dream beyond the present has served me well in all facets of my life.
    Why the kids you inquire? Well most likely because the original work was intended for kids! DUH! or D�Oh Bart! (depending on your age choose the most appropriate) Just because some think they are all grown up and now spend their time watching either “Reality Shows” or the rest of the time with shows like “Friends” who else would the movie makers market this film to? How about the original market KIDS!
    My Point�
    Can’t anyone just enjoy a movie anymore? Why does everyone have be critical to call themselves a critic (Oh, I guess the title says it all!)Perhaps “critics” depend on the dreams of others to find value in themselves because they can’t imagine their own future. Hey, how about a new reality show, �The Critics� where self-appointed hosts (like myself) get to be overly critical and insensitive to those who call themselves Movie Critics.

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