The Other End

Today was Jules’ funeral service, in Stevenage. I managed to scab some time off work (we’re filming tomorrow, so I left a great long list and some rather angsty researchers behind, but they know what they’re doing) and drove down. I’m glad I went. Roman Catholic services aren’t exactly my taste, but that’s hardly the point.

Alan was understandably emotional, but in the circumstances managed some creditable comic timing in his eulogy. The spirit of Hull Pushbike rides on, it seems. At the wake, the Brothers not-very-Grim-at-all (ie. Nigel and Ian, Alan’s younger siblings) were thoroughly entertaining, and Viv (their mum) seems to be bearing up well. It was a rather jolly affair, which is doubtless how Jules would have wanted it.

3 thoughts on “The Other End”

  1. Thanks for making it down matey 😉 It was great to see you, even if it was a somewhat drunken haze through which we all looked 😉
    And thanks for the blog, an idea worthy of praise, and something that’s amazed me over the last few weeks and days as to the power of the internet in telling people what’s happening.

  2. Julie was a beautiful & kind person. I was at the John Henry Newman School with her, we were in the same year. I remember how kind and warm she was to me when my best friend went to pakistan for 3 months. We were in the 4th year at school, everybody was in their established groups of friends and cliques, I was preparing myself for 3 months in isolation. But Julie and her friends (Vanessa, Andrea & Maria) were so nice to me. They invited me out with them, included me in their conversations and always made sure I was ok.
    Julie still cared about other people, even though she was having to battle against so much herself.
    She was truley unique, such a tragic loss & She will never be forgotten.

  3. All Over

    Well, yesterday was the day of the funeral, and we were overwhelmed with the turnout. A packed church greeted us when we arrived, many people I’ve not seen in a long time, and friends of Jules I’d never had the

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