I haven’t had much time to write here, as the regular reader may have noticed. We’re now halfway through studio filming with The Big Bang, and it’s going rather well. New boy Sam has learned at a genuinely frightening pace; it’s been a fascinating experience learning with him. He’s excellent. Kate’s been a huge help bringing him up to speed too, as has new director Vic – who somehow manages to blend creativity and drive with immense patience. Which is pretty much a requirement on this show.

…which is itself an indication that progress has been a tad slow. Nevertheless, we’re roughly on schedule, and I’m not overly worried about the week ahead. We should get done. More importantly, what we’re doing is excellent stuff. I think – and it’s always hard to judge at this stage, but I think – the best we’ve done. Excellent items, some extremely funny performances, and some good science. It’s a cheeky show; we’ve twice had to do another take because the exec producer giggled over the first one. Which is a good sign, I tend to think.

Speaking of the exec: one significant improvement from previous years has been the support from The Powers That Be. I’ll have to seriously revise my opinion of working for Granada if this carries on; not only is the production manager an absolute sweetheart, but the new exec is excellent too, and the head of department made the effort to come and visit and take us to dinner. It’s almost like we’re a legitimate production, or something.

Other news: not a whole lot, really. The Roadster is now officially run in, following a glorious evening blat to Scarborough with Anna on Friday; Jack and I have been posing around Leeds with the roof off today. Mighty fun, I tell you.

Right, that’s me. We’re back on camera 08:30 – 19:00 tomorrow, and I need my beauty sleep. There’s also some little niggle about needing scripts for tomorrow, but I’ll work out what that’s about in the morning.

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