Catching up

Back in Glasgow, and therefore with decent bandwidth again: lots to catch up on. Boy, am I looking forward to being unemployed, in only a few short weeks’ time.

First observation: the UK iTunes Music Store might have sold nigh-on half a million tracks in its first week, but there are still some bizarre connections being made by the Amazon-esque (‘Amazonian’?) ‘listeners also bought’ feature. For example, buyers of bleepy-bleepy electronica somebody Nobukazu Takemura apparently also bought Jesus Christ Superstar. And I thought my tastes were eclectic.

Fave find so far: The Kaya Project, Walking Through. Surprises to date: the album artwork is much higher-res than I’d expected, and the ITMS is clever enough to remember what happened if you accidentally disconnected during a download. Classic Apple joined-up thinking, bless ’em.

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