Last Thursday marked the second anniversary of the database address error that spelled the end of (now miraculously self-repaired and nearly working again…). Which means I’ve been blogging for well over two years; August 6th 2001, apparently. Which is more than enough to make Dave Green wince, should he happen to read this (mild short-term post-NotCon risk, drat).

Next question, particularly to Damien/Alan/Martin and the other ILY contributors: what do I do with it? I could probably find a way to import the entries to my blog here – that may be the best option. Or should I leave it as a monument – a latter-day architectural folly?

1 thought on “ItLikesYou”

  1. Why not put it to a vote? Oh, no, that was done over there….
    Actually, leave it there as I’ve linked to it somewhere, and I’d have to work out where it was and cut the link out 🙁

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