For those – perhaps Stateside? – who haven’t quite cottoned on as to just how bizarre a taste in cars I have, I present the results of this afternoon’s run down the M1, spotting sports cars coming in the other direction:

  • Lotus Elise: 8
  • Lotus Exige: 2
  • Jaguar E-Type: 3
  • Ferrari 360: 2
  • Shelby Cobra: 2
  • Ford Mustang: 2


  • Smart Roadster: 0

There really aren’t a lot of us about.

1 thought on “Scarcity”

  1. I saw a beige (well pale brown) Roadster in Chapel Allerton today. At the Harrogate Road entrance to Safeways.
    It was just sat sitting there looking a little sheepish.
    If you can have a beige sheep.

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