Battlefield Britain

“We’ve no idea what Owain Glyn Dwr looked like, but here’s an extremely detailed three-dimensional model of a completely random Welshman anyway.”

Actually, I’m rather enjoying The Battle for Wales. There are far too many easy sniping targets for criticism, mostly centred on the direction – just how many different contemporary styles are they trying to hit? And unless they failed to see Brass Eye, what makes them think the ‘walk/talk/head turn/shot change/final line’ device is anything other than naff? But despite all that, it’s rather good fun, isn’t it?

Tell you what, though – by throwing the kitchen sink of production styles at the subject matter, they must have spent a monumental amount of money. Even if the mass engagement animation tech is built on the same platform as that Eddie Mair Time Commanders thing, costume re-enactments don’t come cheap.

But that isn’t a criticism, either. Watching forty archers let fly is enthralling, isn’t it? More lavish history, I say.

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