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Oh, the simple joys. ClipboardSharing does something I’ve wanted for many months; runs the Mac OS X clipboard as a cloud shared between Macs on the local network. So… I copy a URL from OmniWeb on my PowerBook, open a new OmniWeb window on the desktop Mac, paste… done. Very neat, lots of well-phrased options. I’ll test it for a little while longer before I completely succumb, but I sense a PayPal donation coming on. VNC and Apple Remote Desktop are all well and good, but this works much more smoothly when the machines are physically in the same place.

Speaking of OmniWeb: v5.0 is finally out in a formal release version. I’ve been using the betas for a few weeks, watching with glee as some fairly nasty crashers have been eradicated. It’s… well, it’s the best web browser I’ve used, and I’ve used all the major ones, most of the minor ones, and some that would best be described as ‘esoteric.’ Just make sure you read the manual, since there’s lots of stuff that’s easy to overlook but staring-us-all-in-the-face obvious once you’ve seen it. Bookmark sync rocks, of course… why no Workspace syncing, hmm? đŸ˜‰

Whatever was screwing up with blogging client Ecto the last time I toyed with it seems to have gone away now. I like it, but I’m still… hmm, maybe I’m just waiting to see what Brent has in store for us in NetNewsWire 2.0. Perhaps I should sign up for his beta test?

Finally, HistoryHound looks for all the world like Serac’s iRemember. Which is a good thing. I’m currently testing. The default 60-day index expiry has me worried, though – iRemember’s strength was in finding things you’d seen waaaay further back than that.

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