Attention London!

Hello London, this is Glasgow calling!

I shall be in the capital of our fine and treasured democracy from late afternoon on Wednesday 29th September, until shortly after luncheon on Saturday 2nd October. Wednesday evening I shall be attending a gathering at the Dana Centre (Science Museum), but Thursday and Friday evenings I shall make myself available for soirées & c.

Early booking is advised.

Edit: Baskerville has the most amazing italic ampersand. Sincere apologies to non-Mac users, you won’t be seeing this, and it looks fantastic!

4 Comments on "Attention London!"

  1. Repeat After Me: There Is No Task As Thankless As Non-GIF-Based Online Typography.
    Although that ampersand does look ravishing, at least to me.


  2. Hmm, London… London. I’m sure I know someone around there. Oh, wait – that would be me. Let me know what you’re up to. I’m sure I can clear my terribly busy schedule for Thursday or Friday. <Opens diary. A single moth flies out, bearing a look a great satisfaction on it’s face>
    Yup, Thursday or Friday should be fine.


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