Done. For now…

See, the whole point of this exercise was to finally get to use a picture I took of some millstones, about fifteen years ago. They’re a little large for quernstones, but they’re the only grindstone images I have to hand, so they’ll have to do.

Quite why Photoshop is bending colours on me, I don’t know. And quite why I can’t composite a transparent PNG against a solid background colour, I don’t know. Frankly, right now, I don’t much care. I have quernstones, and fairly nice line demarkation things, and proper curly quotes, and as of this precise moment the bally thing even validates, for heaven’s sake. So, I’m content. The orange is… wrong, frankly, but that will have to wait for another day. Which, on the evidence of my last redesign interlude, will be about two years hence.

For the moment – enjoy. MynameisJonathanSandersongoodnight.

Listening to: Awake The Unkind from the album “Never Never Land” by Unkle

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