Like Jackass, only with fighter jets

From an interview with Sukhoi designer Mikhail Simonov, on attempts to break the F-15’s time-to-altitude records with an Su-27 Flanker:

“The aircraft must be standing still like a sprinter on the start line. But when the engines are working the wheel brakes alone are not enough to hold the aircraft. To keep the fighter still we tried using a tank. A cable was connected to the hook on the lower part of the fuselage, but we weren’t celebrating for long. After just a second of afterburners being engaged we heard a screeching sound and observed how the Su-27 started pulling the tank down the runway. We had to find something else to hold the plane. A nearby runway was under construction and we have noticed a huge “Caterpillar” bulldozer. We attached it to the tank, which was in turn attached to the aircraft. The fighter’s start from dead stop was guaranteed.”

Great toys. Rock on.

And no Richard, Harro: this isn’t here solely for your benefit. Other readers might be amused too. Like… er… Alan. And… no, that’s about it, actually.

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