Very minor stylesheet tweaks only this morning. Slightly more white space around the main content block; body text leading a pixel greater, which not only makes it slightly easier on the eye, it also helps the slightly improved dropcaps. They now look pretty good in Safari and OmniWeb as well as FireFox. There’s still far too much right padding in Internet Explorer, but… ach, just get FireFox. It’s betterer.

The only other blemishes I can see are the lined corner under the date heading, which doesn’t quite join up in IE6 – tough luck, see above – and the faint lines above peoples’ names in comments on the individual item pages. Fixing the latter would involve tweaking templates, and frankly it doesn’t bother me enough. I make TV shows, I’m not a graphic designer! Sheesh!

So, onward to other things. But if anyone does spot anything amiss, do leave a comment.

Listening to: IV : Nachtmusik 2 from the album “Mahler – Symphony No.7 in E minor” by Klaus Tennstedt. (don’t you love incongruous templates?)

3 thoughts on “Onward!”

  1. URGH!! There must be something seriously wrong with IE 6.0+Patch1+Patch2+Patch3+Patch4+Patch5+Patch6+Patch7+Patch8+Patch9+Patch1a+PrePatch11b. It looks awful now 🙁

  2. iMark sent me some stylesheet tweaks which I just uploaded, and it looks OK here – try a forced refresh. IE is terribly bad at checking to see if a stylesheet has changed.
    Fair’s fair, though – I just had the same problem with John Coombes at deletetheweb.com/unstuck. I updated him to MT3+MySQL+Blacklist yesterday – emphatically not a trivial process, thanks to a few quirks of the deletetheweb setup. I’m trying to work out how best to migrate the rest of you, and at the moment I can’t spot a way that’ll take me less than about three days. Ugh.

  3. Well, like it. Nice pages. Precioussss. Me? I went dor the templated bliss of Homepage on .mac. Call me a sucker, but I finally got totally bored of coding HTML.

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