That’ll sort it.

Business cards, of the DIY inkjet variety, are fairly crummy. They’re either microperforated – which leaves a nasty serrated edge effect – or precut and stuck onto backing paper. Which is all well and good, but peeling the not-very-clean-printing card off the backing results in a curly card that instantly looks like it’s been floating around in one’s pocket for a few weeks. As opposed to the crisp rectangle of implicit professionalism one might have been aiming for.

My latest batch, therefore, have been coaxed into spending the night under… shall we say ‘inverse traction’? The weighty matter of the weight exercised me momentarily, until my eye came to rest on the perfect volume from my extensive, if not somewhat eclectic, library. The cards are beneath a charming little text, appropriately entitled Reinforced Concrete Bridges.

That should sort them.

1 thought on “That’ll sort it.”

  1. Avery do some nice ones that pop out of a card and have no perforations to speak of. They give you totally perfect cards every time. Available from Staples.

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